Our List Of Organizations That We Are Supporting In Research And Development Of Products That Are Green, Environmentally Friendly, And Use Renewable Resources.

Plasmacor Corp (2008) The Building Block Of The Future!

Plasmacor Corp.

We are dedicated in research of renewable resources, which are environmental friendly. After the research we develop a wide variety of applications of these materials for the industry, and make it available to the consumer. Our primary goal is to deliver high quality products made for the consumer that are durable, long lasting, energy efficient and mainly will be better than most any standard available today. We are currently focused in applications for the Construction Industry, because by statistics they are responsible for the largest impact of environmental damage. Also do we believe that this industry needs urgent a change in quality standards, because nature started to fight back with ferocious disasters, flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes. And the bottom line is that there are not enough resources left so that we need renewable resources instead.

Product List

Plasmacor Wall Building Material

The products has a wide variety of advantages over traditional building material used, like long durability, impact resistant and has a very high insulation.


Plasmacor Corp (2008) The Building Block Of The Future!

Millennium Headstones Corp.

Creating A Peaceful Green Environment By Manufacturing A New Concept Of High-Tech Headstones That Are More Advanced Than The Current Standard In The Industry, Environment Friendly, Are 100% Recycle able, Can Be Repaired, Mildew Resistant, And Are Produced With Renewable Resources, Handmade in USA by Highest Quality Handcraftsmanship.

Product List

Enviromental Friendly, Hi-Tech , High Quality, Headstones

Upright Headstone, in Onyx Moonstone, with Tiffany Style Stained Glass Art, Elysium. Using Advanced High-Tech materials that delivers many advantages over a regular headstone. The Surface texture Sparkles during sunshine.


Enviromental Friendly & Hi-Tech Headstones

Upright Headstone, in Picasso Granite, with Tiffany Style Stained Glass Art, Elysium. The Headstones are available in any type of granite or marble colors, and are using the same advanced High-Tech materials that delivers many advantages.

Plasmacor Corp (2008) The Building Block Of The Future!

US Technology & Science Corp.

We are at the moment developing and manufacture products for the recreational and marine industry. These products are using the latest high-tech available, are made to be environmental friendly, modern and stylish designed. These products are made for the consumer, and are setting a new standard in quality and engineering.

Product List

Motorhomer EL DJARO 750

We created the most luxerious, and advanced RV in the world, at the same time being enviromentally consious. We researched and developed this Product with Prototypes for over 10 years, and tested it on roads all over the world for over 200.000 Miles to make the most perfect Motorhome in existance.