Our Sponsors and Associations, that are helping advancing our goals of saving the Enviroment!

Plasmacor Corp (2008) The Building Block Of The Future!

Plasmacor Corp.

Developer of a building material that is 95% based on a agriculture derived renewable resource, and environmental friendly. The material is capable to withstand Hurricane Category 5, Earthquake Proof, Flooding to 7 Feet, Mildew Resistant, Impervious, Energy Efficient and More.

US Technology & Science Corp.

Designs By Di Angello, Developements & Research of Revolutionary Products Like Plasmacor Renewable Contruction Material, Millennium Headstones, El Djaro Motor Homes, and the Integrated Trailer System Boats.

Millennium Headstones Corp.

Creating A Peaceful Green Environment By Manufacturing A New Concept Of High-Tech Headstones That Are More Advanced Than The Current Standard In The Industry, Environment Friendly, Are 100% Recycle able, Can Be Repaired, Mildew Resistant, And Are Produced With Renewable Resources, Handmade in USA by Highest Quality Handcraftsmanship.

LexNex Designs Corp.

Creating unique handcrafted Jewelry, sculptured Designer Pendants with real Butterfly's sealed in a translucent shape, some use unique materials like Sand and making it smooth like a rock, but lightweight. Many creative ideas are combined to be very attractive and Fashionable.

Handmade in USA, of Highest Quality Handcraftsmanship.