Global Green Bridge Corp. is a Not-For-Profit Organization, that is determined to slow damage to the environment, stop, and even reverse, with improvements in industries that cause an enormous impact on destroying our earth, like the building / construction industry, with High-Tech research and developments to diminish the damage done, and information to support and benefit the understanding, that making a change is not an option, it is a matter of survival. Constructors, Architects, Developers, and Supply Industries, need guidance, and innovation to archive an understanding of possibilities for alternative products, that are not complicated, or complex, or expensive. As an Organization we focus on support for such innovations, and integration into the Construction industry, by presenting it, explaining it, and showing it. Our projects are focused on materials that use Renewable Resources, very energy efficient, resilient, strong, for efficient planned use in places that have flooding, hurricanes, twisters, earthquakes, as for example in recent events like New Orleans, Missouri, Mississippi, Japan, and many more, as "Natural" (We know what contributes, which is part of our education) Catastrophes are happening more often, and will be more frequent, there is a great need for a new concept of buildings, that are more durable and intelligent built. Also is our organization interested in projects for communities that are in need, and they range from Low Income Housing, Homeless shelters, Pet Rescue Shelters that are all possible self-sufficient, and efficient, furthermore also endorsing projects that are sustainable green, while keeping each project low costs and high standards. Also do we not just talk about possible solutions, we do also have solutions available, although is it clear that since the last 20 years there is no innovation possible because corporation are drying out inventors and taking their ideas for themselves, and more importantly are these innovations only released to the public when they want to make money, that’s right our society is fueled by greed nothing else, and we are here to change that ourselves. And believe us when we say that we will change things, people seem to forget, is not a collective team of scientists, with high-tech equipment, huge resources, laboratories which creates innovations, it is a single person with a talent who makes the innovation, this has been proven many times in the past by famous talented people, Isaac newton, Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein, just to name a few, and still now there are talents like Stephen W. Hawking, or innovators like Sir Richard Branson, but for some reason people did not realize that the reason most corporation make the innovations is because they buy and even steal the inventions from individuals.

We are not interested in fame or are we doing this for the Profit, we are doing this because we believe that something has to be done to save the environment, the economy, and the system, the problem is that the industry is only interested in profits and not in efficiency, advancement or saving the environment, that is why we are here for.... after years of research and development we found several technologies! We are interested in informing Architects, Developers, and Constructors of Innovative Methods. Also will we create these innovations ourselves, and we already did, it is just a matter of time until we will present it to the public, after all are currently tough times, the economy is declining, and that is part of the cause, that innovation has ceased to exist due to the greed, why make something new and better if the old just sells as good, and people started to buy less, because they got fed up with the products that are in reality just not advanced anymore. In other words, the advancement of our world is manipulated and held back on purpose for the simple reason of greed. We will keep fighting, even if most people lost hope, and some even do not understand what can be done, and some other people are simply suspicious of our mission, whom we fully understand, but unlike other talkers without action, we will take action regardless. There are many innovations that are better, more efficient, and overall great, for little more money, and even for the same money. There is a saying; the most expensive is the cheapest, because it will last longer.

Our organization is founded by a group of people that are dedicated scientists for the purpose of finding alternative methods thru supporting research and developments for materials that are using renewable resources and are more efficient so that the environment is not affected. The goal also is to promote such products that have a high potential for contributing to reducing the emission that negatively affects our environment. We are working hard on making a difference, and we are determined to reduce the emission caused by the industry. We focus on the construction industry because there are sustainable facts that they need the most improvement, the resources available are not enough for the ever growing industry of construction. Our current candidates have invested their own money to the last extend for creating a true alternative. The dangers involved with careless using up our resources are not needed when there is a solution. Now it is up to your support to make a true change, and improve the life quality of everyone (including you!), and save the environment.

We are ready for a Revolution in Evolution, are you?

You should join us in our Mission to make a real difference, we ask for nothing more than to let us educate you, this is your environment too and if you don’t care nobody will! Each individual can make a major difference, it dosent take a lot.

We are counting on you! We promise you that you can count on us, and that we will not stop trying, ever!

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